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What is Geometry?

Geometry is the branch of mathematics that is concerned with how objects are positioned in space. These objects include: points, lines, polygons as well as three dimensional solids.

Mathematicians tend to fall into one of two categories: geometers or analysts. This means they either prefer to define the world in terms of shapes (geometers) or in terms of algebra (analysts).

Why is Geometry important?

Geometry helps us understand the spatial world. It makes sense of the objects that we see around us, those on earth and also those in the universe.

As importantly, geometry creates a link between mathematics and the fine arts. Many famous artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, Della Francesco and M. C. Escher are accomplished geometers.

Organisation of Content

The study of geometry is divided into three broad categories. They are:

Angle Relationships

Plane Shapes

Solid Shapes