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What is Number?

Number is the first mathematical concept that we learn as toddlers and it forms the basis for all that we know about mathematics. In primary school students learn about whole numbers (integers) and then about rational numbers (fractions, decimals, percentages). Irrational numbers are taught in years 9 and 10.

Why is the study of Number important?

Understanding and manipulating numbers is vitally important for everyday life. In order for students to be mathematically competent and confident, they must be fluent in mental arithmetic.

What are Real Numbers?

Real numbers are all the numbers found on a real number line. They can be broken into two sets:

  • Rational numbers (like fractions, percentages and decimals)
  • Irrational numbers (like π)

What's involved?

The study of Number can be broken into three broad areas:

Rational Numbers

Irrational Numbers

Financial Mathematics