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How do connections develop understanding?

Developing true understanding comes through making connections between mathematics and the outside world. It can be about exploring links between different fields of mathematics, like algebra and geometry. Or discovering how mathematics is at the heart of everything.

How do we make connections?

One way to make connections is to work through tasks that involve different strands of mathematics. These are often called rich tasks and they can also demonstrate the real world applications of mathematics.

What's involved?

Below are links to several rich tasks and explorations involving various strands of mathematics.

The tasks in the first row delve into the mathematics involved in various industries - they are broken up into investigations for different year groups. They are intended to stretch students beyond their current learning.

The second row tasks draw various strands of mathematics together in a single exploration and are suitable for a specific year group or stage.

Year 6
Number Plates
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10